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Sichuan Blueview Elec-Optic Tech Co., Ltd.

LED sign modules and LED strip lights for backlighting, decorative lighting, architectural lighting, and undercabinet...

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    No.1000, Konggang 2th Road, Southwest Aviation Industrial Zone, Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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Company Profile
Sichuan Blueview Elec-Optic Tech Co., Ltd. is an established manufacturer of LED sign modules and LED strip lights for light advertising, backlighting, decorative lighting, architectural lighting, and undercabinet lighting. Blueview prides itself on bringing innovative and cost-effective signage lighting products that have high brightness and color fidelity since 2004. The company's LED lighting systems have been welcomed in global market to backlight posters, signs and lightboxes, illuminate complex contours, letters and symbols in signage applications, accentuate architectural detail in corporate headquarters, enhance the vibrant color in landscape projects, add to the drama of holiday decors, and provide border, cove, under cabinet, accent and edge lighting.

With over 10 years accumulated experience in the industry, Blueview inherits a vast understanding of signage lighting and fundamental business philosophy. Blueview's lighting manufacturing and technology capabilities span vertically across the whole value chain, achieving the perfect balance of superior product quality and distinctive value for its consumers. Blueview is an ISO 9001:2008 certified operation with a fully equipped manufacturing facility that covers an area of 254,000 square meters. The company's innovative and energy efficient lighting products offer a wide array of specification grade advertising and branding lighting solutions for all types of business. Its full line of LED sign modules are designed for optimum functionality and exceptional reliability along with the ability to be seamlessly integrated into various luminous signage e.g., retail displays, corporate VI systems, advertising signs and message boards for indoor and outdoor applications.

Blueview Lighting lends credence to its engineering and R&D capability and is a true pioneer of signage lighting technology. Blueview is a one-stop resource for signage and signboard manufacturers, corporate branding companies, architectural lighting designers, landscape architects, commercial lighting contractors, advertising professionals, and electrical engineers. Blueview’s competitive advantage continues to be its ability to bring to market a steady flow of product innovations that translate to cost effective, creative solutions to meet your needs.
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